All Neat in Black Stockings (1969)
People who live in glass houses...should shut the curtains, okay? Especially if red-haired, on-the-make window washer Ginger (Victor Henry) is on the job. The incessant amorous pursuits of Ginger and his pal Dwyer (Jack Shepherd) are coupled with opportunities for either or both to grow up in a comedy-drama that, from its British roots to its boy-meets-bird(s) storyline, belongs in a lineage with Alfie, Morgan! and The Knack...and How to Get It. “What’s mine is his and vice versa,” Ginger explains about his and Dwyer’s romantic conquests. Then he meets Jill (Susan George of Straw Dogs and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry), and there’s something about her that has Ginger gobsmacked. He begins to think it’s time to say farewell to bachelorhood and hello to love, respect and responsibility. No more vice, no more versa. Can this window washer clean up his act?
Price: 11.95

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