A Very Honorable Guy
Joe E. Brown must choose between his word and his life in the rollicking comedy A Very Honorable Guy. Every citizen on Broadway knows “Feet” Samuels (Brown) as an honest-but-unlucky gambler. So when he winds up owing $500 to a gangster known as the Brain (Alan Dinehart), it never crosses his mind to welch. Dumped by Hortense (Alice White), his gold-digging girlfriend, “Feet” decides he has nothing to live for and sells a mad doctor (Robert Barrat) his body for $1,000 cash. Agreeing to bump himself off in a month, “Feet” goes on a gambling spree and ends up winning a fortune. So when his time is up and Hortense agrees to get married, “Feet” is forced to choose between his word and his life in this rollicking farce, based on story by Damon Runyon.
Price: 18.49

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