All in a Night's Work (PMT)
Who is the mysterious woman seen running from a swank Palm Beach Hotel, clad only in a bath towel? Is she the second mistress of a New York publishing baron, who subsequently found deceased in bed? Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine square off in All In A Night's Work, a frothy, zany romp directed by Joseph Anthony (The Rainmaker) Cliff Robertson, Charlie Ruggles, Jack Weston, Gale Gordon, and Jerome Cowan. MacLaine is Kate, the mysterious woman who has the publishing company's board of directors nervously hoping to avoid a head-line making scandal at all costs. And Martin in the heir to his uncle's vast empire who decides to woo the young lass in an attempt to determine just who she is, and what she wants. One-liners fly, hijinks ensue - and love blossoms - in this delightful romantic comedy.
Price: 18.49

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