Best Foot Forward
Double trouble: Winsocki Military Institute cadet Bud Hooper has two dates for the prom: his best girl - and publicity-seeking glamour girl Lucille Ball, who unexpectedly says yes to starstruck Bud's invitation. Comedy puts its Best Foot Forward in this snappy frolic based on the Broadway smash. The title could also apply to film-debuting June Allyson and Nancy Walker, memorably recreating their stage roles as sassy prom dates. Harry James and His Music Makers make Two O'Clock Jump jump, everybody socks over Buckle Down, Winsocki, and Lucy is lovely - and loopy, especially in a zany sequence stripped to her scanties and dashing in and out of closets. Okay, school isn't this much fun. But it should be!
Price: 14.49

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