Big Hangover, The
David Maldon (Van Johnson) nearly drowned during World War 2 – in a flood of brandy! Developing a condition known as “Liquor Recoil ,” David must avoid alcohol at all costs; the merest whiff makes him wobbly, and a quaff makes him crazy. Fortunately for David, he has a unique guardian angel watching out for him – his boss’ daughter, Mary (Elizabeth Taylor). Writer/Director Norman Krasna is famous for his modern fairy-tale romances, justly so, often building skyscrapers of screwball set-ups from one absurd element. Less noted, however, is his proclivity for wrapping the sweetness around a serious social issue. Little chance of that being overlooked in this Krasna film, the first of two Liz would do with Van Johnson, as midway through the story we veer off to directly confront racism and intolerance in post WW2 America. But don’t worry – there’s still the menace of company parties and toasts to keep the comedy coming.
Price: 14.49

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