Bill Elliott Detective Mysteries Five-Film Collection
Superstar cowboy actor “Wild Bill” Elliot traded in his boots and spurs at Allied Artists for gumshoes and a badge in a series of crackling crime dramas playing a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department detective lieutenant. Dubbed Lt. Andy Flynn in the first film, subsequent installments saw Elliott’s rugged and wise police detective redubbed Lt. Andy Doyle. Regardless of the name, the character’s dogged determination and canny mind lead him past the obvious suspects to nab the real killers before fade-out. Unhinged war veterans, not-so-innocent blind men, baby-racket blackmail, kidnapped cons and careless stranglers all appear in intrepid Lt. Andy’s case files. Tough-guy character actor Don Haggerty appears in the final three films as sidekick Sgt. Mike Duncan.
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