Black Gold
Two men vie for the same woman and the same dream in the Oklahoma oil fields, the land of Black Gold. 1920s. When oil wildcatter Frank McCandless (Philip Carey) crash-lands his World War I-vintage plane on Ann Evans' (Diane McBain) farm, he's sure he's found the land and the woman of his dreams. But McCandless' wealthy partner, oil baron Chick Carrington (Claude Akins), also covets both Evans and her drilling rights. McCandless can only give Evans his heart, while Carrington can offer wealth and stability--although she does not know that Carrington was responsible for her father's death and seeks only the respectability that marriage would bring. Now--as each moment on the oil field can instantly bring financial ruin, sudden death or untold riches--two men battle for the heart of one woman and the earth's Black Gold.
Price: 18.49

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