Blow Up
Professional photographer Thomas saw nothing. And he saw everything Enlargements of pictures he secretly took of a romantic couple in the park reveal a murder in progress. Or do they? Winner of 1966 Best Picture and Director Awards from the then-new National Society of Film Critics. Michelangelo Antonioni‘s Blow-Up is an influential. stylish study of paranoid intrigue and disorientation. It is also a time capsule of mod London, a mindscape of the era’s fashions, free love, parties. music (Herbie Hancock wrote the score and The Yardbirds riff at a club) and hip languor. David Hemmings plays the jaded photog enlivened by the mystery in his photos. Vanessa Redgrave is the elusive woman pictured in them. And the enigma of what you see. what you don’t see and what the camera sees is yours to solve.
Price: 14.95

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