Brain Donors (PMT)
From the Zucker Brothers, the creators of Airplane! and The Naked Gun films, comes an outrageous laughfest featuring the zaniest screen screwballs since the Brothers Marx - the Brain Donors! High society meets high hilarity when rich widow Lillian Oglethorpe (Nancy Marchand) hires fast-talking, ambulance-chasing lawyer Roland T. Flakfizer (John Turturro) as her legal advisor. His first assignment: to fulfill Mr. Oglethorpe’s dream of founding a ballet company. Flakfizer recruits two unable assistants: Jacques (Bob Nelson), a Harpo-like jack- of-all-trades and master of none; and Rocco Melonchek (Mel Smith), a cab driver moonlighting as a pool cleaner, liposuctioner and toupee salesman. What ensues is an outrageous, fall-down-funny assault on culture and good taste, as the Brain Donors make merry while driving everyone else mental!
Price: 14.49

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