Brave Warrior (SONY)
In the early 1800s, there is great tension between Americans and the British over the right to land. Steve Ruddell (Jon Hall, Arabian Nights) is brought in by Governor William Henry Harrison (James Seay, Killers from Space) to negotiate with his old friend, Shawnee chief Tecumseh (Jay Silverheels, TV’s “The Lone Ranger”), over the purchase of land in Indiana. But Tecumseh’s brother, The Prophet (Michael Ansara, The Message), sides with the British, leading to conflict within his own tribe. Also, Steve and Tecumseh both love Laura (Christine Larson, Valley of Fire), the daughter of a scheming businessman siding with the British. All of this culminates in a dramatic battle between Americans, British and Shawnee tribesmen, which led to the War of 1812. Newly remastered.
Price: 17.49

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