Carpool (1996)
Tom Arnold (TV's "The Best Damn Sports Show Period," "Exit Wounds") and Oscar-nominee David Paymer ("State and Main," the "City Slickers" movies) star in this rollicking comedy about a harried businessman and a hapless crook who collide on the biggest day of both their careers. A workaholic advertising executive is stuck driving the neighborhood carpool on the day of a make-or-break presentation. A down-on-his-luck carnival owner, fleeing a bungled robbery, takes the exec and his van full of kids hostage and begins a comic day-long chase through the city streets, where the two men learn some unexpected lessons and forge an unlikely friendship. Co-starring four-time Emmy-winner Rhea Perlman (TV's "Pearl," TV's "Cheers") and Oscar-winner Rod Steiger ("In the Heat of the Night," "On the Waterfront").
Price: 18.49

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