Chapter Two
Robert Moore (Murder By Death, The Cheap Detective) takes on another Neil Simon project, this time a tenderly comic look at the impetuous second marriage between a widower and a divorcée. George Schneider (James Caan, The Godfather, Misery) is still grieving over the loss of his first wife when a chance encounter introduces him to Jennie MacLaine (Marsha Mason, The Goodbye Girl, Only When I Laugh), a charming but skeptical actress whose divorce from her first husband is barely finalized. Their whirlwind courtship — witnessed by his brother (Joseph Bologna, My Favorite Year) and her best friend (Valerie Harper, TV’s “Rhoda”), both disenchanted with their own marital situations — concludes with a dreamlike honeymoon, during which George has a monumental attack of guilt and, finally, fear, plunging the newlyweds into uncertainty about whether the ghosts of the past can upend their newfound happiness. Newly remastered.
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