Crazy from the Heart
Charlotte Bain (Christine Lahti, The Doctor, Swing Shift) is the perfect high school principal for small-town Texas: quiet, strict, strait-laced. Single, but secretly dating the coach (William Russ, Pastime), she is as shocked as anyone when she agrees to go on a date with Ernesto (Ruben Blades, Predator 2, The Super), the school's new janitor. More shocking still, Charlotte and Ernesto find themselves suddenly, unbelievably happy - so on their date they go on a wild ride across the Mexican border - and get married! Can Tidewater handle the scandal? Will the school board accept the principal's principles? And why does Ernesto's father set fire to roadside billboards? Anything can happen, and has, and will, when Charlotte takes the handbrake off her life and goes Crazy from the Heart.
Price: 18.49

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