Cry Havoc
The priorities are clear for Army nurses on Bataan Peninsula in 1942. Take your quinine, malaria is rampant. Make do, supplies will not arrive. Stay strong, despite the overwhelming odds. The nation was shaken by the plight of U.S. and Filipino forces in the early days of America’s World War II involvement, and Hollywood responded with three powerful 1943 films about that conflict: Bataan, So Proudly We Hail! and Cry “Havoc,” a tale of courage and camaraderie featuring an all-female credited cast. Margaret Sullavan portrays the overworked head nurse guiding an inexperienced staff of civilian volunteers: a burlesque queen (Joan Blondell) , a waitress (Ann Sothern), a Southern belle, a socialite and more – all heroes.
Price: 15.59

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