Damon and Pythias
No matter the odds, they've got each other's back! Guy Williams, TV's Zorro, plunges into sword-fighting fury in the classic Greek tale Damon and Pythias. Williams plays Damon, a devil-may-care outlaw with a gleaming blade in one hand and a seductive woman in the other. When Pythias arrives in the city of Syracuse, Damon - of course - sets out to lighten the newcomer's coin pouch. But the would-be foes become brothers in combat when faced with the cruelty of Dionysius the Tyrant. Together, they brawl, battle, scale walls and elude the Tyrant's troops in a breathless chase pitting their rumbling, rickety cart against thundering horsemen. The steel of their friendship soon matches the steel of Damon's blade, shaping a bond so strong that when Pythias is captured and condemned to death, Damon offers to take his friend's place. Williams' charisma and action chops carry the excitement through to a thrilling race-against-time ending.
Price: 15.59

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