Date with Judy, A
The great American tragedy is no date on Satgedy, but perky Judy Foster (Jane Powell) needn’t worry. Her date for the school dance is that oh-so-handsome new guy in town (Robert Stack). What’s more, she saw him first, so finders keepers, right? Not if her best friend Carol Pringle (Elizabeth Taylor) has her way! Powell and Taylor both moved into more mature roles with this sunny musical inspired by the popular radio series launched in 1941. “One minute I was kissing a horse and the next I was kissing Bob Stack. And I loved it,” Taylor said about this new step in her career. Also taking steps is Wallace Beery, mentored in the rumba (to Xavier Cugat’s orchestra) by inimitable Carmen Miranda. A little wiggle here, a little there – now you got it. See you Satgedy!
Price: 14.49

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