Day of Reckoning
Dorothy Day loves to live beyond the family’s income, and doting husband John doesn’t have the heart to deny her. But when John is arrested for embezzling funds from his company, both Mr. and Mrs. are plunged into a downward spiral that means imprisonment for him and a tragic love affair for her. Richard Dix and Madge Evans portray the Days in this 1933 melodrama touted by publicity as “The True Story of Half a Million Lonely Women!” Lonely men, too, what with the film’s depiction of John’s stretch in the local iron-bar motel. Raymond Hatton portrays John’s jailbird pal, one of Hatton’s 400+ career roles. Five-year-old scene-stealer Spanky McFarland (credited as McFarlane) plays the Days’ son.
Price: 14.49

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