Don Juan (1926) + Opening Shorts
Before movies talked, they clacked with swords, gonged with wedding bells and pulsed with perfectly matched orchestral accompaniment. The process that made it happen was Vitaphone, a sound-on-disk system that made its feature-film debut in this lavish 1926 classic. Starring in this swashbuckling tale of the world’s most famed lover is the greatest actor of his day: John Barrymore. As Don Juan, he pursues his conquests with rakish abandon. But one glimpse of exquisite Adriana (Mary Astor) and he finds true love. Alas, the poisonous Borgia clan (including Warner Oland and as a handmaid, Myrna Loy) wants her to wed one of its own. So Don Juan duels (in one of the greatest swordfights ever filmed), carries out a daring dungeon escape and rides like the wind to win her. BEFORE THE FEATURE – THE AUGUST 6, 1926 OPENING NIGHT VITAPHONE SHORTS PROGRAM: Will B. Hays Introduction to Vitaphone, Overture to Tannhauser – New York Philharmonic, Mischa Elman – Humoresque and Gavotte, Roy Smeck in His Pastimes, Marion Talley – Caro Nome, Efrem Zimbalist and Harold Bauer – Theme and Variations from The Kreutzer Sonata, Giovanni Martinelli – Vesti La Giubba, Anna Case – La Fiesta
Price: 15.59

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