Dr. Kildare: Season 3
Jim Kildare, MD (Richard Chamberlain) starts his third year at Blair General Hospital newly promoted to the position of Chief Resident by mentor and Chief of Staff Dr. Leonard Gillespie (Raymond Massey). Dr. Kildare now adds the care, training and protection of Blair General’s staff of interns to his duties in addition to grappling with challenges as far-reaching and prescient as steroid-psychosis, low calorie weight gain, and the tragic fall-out from Nagaski. Far more than “Three Stars Will Shine” down on this 34-Episode, 9-Disc Collection as some of Golden Age Hollywood’s greatests guest star alongside some noteworthy up-and-comers including Claude Rains, Charles Bronson, Yvette Mimieux, Walter Pidgeon, Gena Rowlands, Cesar Romero, Yvonne Craig, Jack Lord, Ralph Bellamy, Celeste Holm, Sal Mineo, Lauren Bacall, Glenda Farrell and Joan Blondell in a season that spells romance for Dr. Gillespie and heartbreak for Dr. Kildare.
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