Eight is Enough: Season Three
Eight is Enough’s third season started off with a change – a brand new theme song, sung by star Grant Goodeve! The title theme’s promise of “a portrait of the happiness that we feel and always will" was more than matched by the show’s focus on the upbeat side of familial bonds, while not avoiding the roller-coaster nature of “the changing times” within the Bradford clan and in American society at large. Youth culture (Tommy’s dual dating personas of “Disco Kid” vs. “Mellow Man”), teen pregnancy (a young Rosanna Arquette guest stars!), gender roles (“The War Between the Bradfords”), and ageism (with Abe Vigoda!) all come under scrutiny via the ten-sided prism that is the Bradford clan. This 28-Episode collection, containing the complete thirds season, more than proves that “eight is enough to fill our lives with love.” Other notable guests found in this season include Jack Elam, Noah Berry Jr., and James Cromwell.
Price: 47.79

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