El Diablo
Billy Ray Smith (Anthony Edwards) is a schoolteacher in a small Texas town, never happier than when he's reading the adventures of Kid Durango and dreaming of being a Western hero. But Billy's dreams become a hilarious nightmare when the legendary outlaw El Diablo rides into town, robbing the bank and kidnapping Nettie, a pretty young student. Billy sets off in a lukewarm pursuit, but, unable to ride a horse or shoot a gun, he doesn't pose much of a threat - until he meets up with renegade gunman, Thomas Van Leek (Louis Gossett, Jr.). Van Leek is just the man to teach the teacher how to handle a gun and ride like a man. Joined by Van Leek's cohorts, including none other than Kid Durango, Billy Ray sets off in hot pursuit ready to confront his nemesis El Diablo and save young Nettie from his evil clutches. Has Billy Ray the makings of a true Western hero? It's shoot-out-and-see time in a Wild West that's never been wilder.
Price: 17.49

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