Five Golden Hours (SONY)
Aldo Bondi (Ernie Kovacs, Bell, Book and Candle) is a con man, preying on widows by working as a professional pallbearer, consoling them and living off their wealth. He meets his match, however, when he comes across the lovely Baroness Sandra (Cyd Charisse, Singin’ in the Rain) during her husband’s funeral. When Aldo involves the Baroness in a scheme, she runs off with the loot, leading Aldo to come up with an even more extravagant plot in a mental institution to keep three angry widows from finishing him off, too! Also starring Academy Award® winner George Sanders (1950, Best Supporting Actor, All About Eve), 5 GOLDEN HOURS is a zany, unpredictable comedy. Newly remastered.
Price: 17.49

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