Flying High (1931)
Man-crazy waitress Pansy Potts (Charlotte Greenwood) offers $500 for a husband. She gets Clark Gable. Well…she gets his photo, a come-on to meet penniless aerocopter inventor and all-around goofball Rusty Krouse (film-debuting Bert Lahr who, wouldn’t you know, doesn’t look a bit like Gable). Rusty wants the $500 as much as Pansy wants a husband. After a series of comic adventures – including a wild scene in a doctor’s office and sky-high hijinks in the aerocopter – they both get their wish. Based on legendary showman George White’s Broadway hit starring Lahr, Flying High features musical numbers staged by Busby Berkeley and two splendidly unique comic talents in their only screen pairing. Fun and music, ready for takeoff!
Price: 14.49

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