For Singles Only
The Sixties spurred an onslaught of sex comedies, musical romps and Pillow Talk-styled farces; this somewhat outrageous musical/drama may stand in a class all its own. Milton Berle appears briefly as Mr. Parker, the social director of a singles-only Southern California apartment complex. Among the newest residents are Anne Carr (Mary Ann Mobley, Harum Scarum, TV’s “General Hospital”) and Helen Todd (Lana Wood, Diamonds Are Forever). But as Helen gets into the swing of things, Anne’s decisive rebuffs have earned her the title of “the girl most unlikely.” Things change, however, when she meets Bret Hendley (John Saxon, Enter the Dragon), the local playboy who bets his buddies that he can bed the beauty in a week. Newly remastered.
Price: 17.49

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