Gathering, The (Remastered)
For years, hard-driving businessman Adam Thornton neglected his family. Now, with a diagnosis of only weeks to live, Adam arranges a Christmas reunion – but not even the season of miracles can heal long-time emotional wounds. Edward Asner is Adam and Maureen Stapleton plays his estranged wife Kate in The Gathering (Disc 1), winner of the Emmy as Outstanding Special (1977-1978). Two Christmases hence, Kate runs Thornton Industries and is wooed by a courtly financier (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) in The Gathering Part II (Disc 2). Kate’s children fear he’s more interested in the business than in Kate herself. Or has the season brought Kate the magic of romance? Stapleton and many The Gathering cast members return for another holiday tale aglow with life’s – and love’s – possibilities.
Price: 15.59

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