George White Scandals (1945)
George White’s Scandals was a Broadway sensation, a series of revues bursting with comedy, music and long-stemmed American beauties. George White’s Scandals the movie celebrates that tradition with knockabout comic Joan Davis and song-and-joke man Jack Haley playing Scandals stars and lovebirds separated by Haley’s sourpuss sis (Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch to Haley’s Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz). They provide the zaniness, Gene Krupa and his band keep everyone in the swing, organ virtuoso Ethel Smith provides a rousing rendition of the Gershwins’ Liza and among the long-stemmed beauties is tap-dancing Bettejane Greer, soon to be film noir siren Jane Greer.
Price: 14.49

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