Girl He Left Behind
Money and privilege have paved life’s path for frat boy Andy (Tab Hunter). But Andy’s pinned sweetie Susan (Natalie Wood), weary of his irresponsible ways, calls off their romance. Andy goes into a funk, flunks out of college and ends up in the arms of Uncle Sam. Will the double impact of Susan and boot camp make a man out of him? Two of the brightest names on ’5os marquees team with a superb cast (including James Garner, David Janssen and Alan King) in a comedy based on a novel by Marion Hargrove, whose earlier rib-tickling tales of army life came to the screen in See Here, Private Hargrove and What Next, Corporal Hargrove? True to form, lots of the fun derives from the recruits’ interactions with a pair of sergeants. “Your tails are mine,” bellows topkick Jim Backus. “Your behinds will be grass, and I will be the lawn mower,” says platoon sarge Murray Hamilton. This service comedy aims for a kick to the comedy keister.
Price: 18.49

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