Gunfighters of Casa Grande
“Shoot first, talk later” American fugitive joe Daylight and his gang have taken possession of Casa Grande, a sprawling Mexican ranch that will serve as headquarters for Daylight’s avaricious scheme. He plans to consolidate his thousands of cattle with the herds of area ranchers, sell them in the U.S. at inflated, post-Civil War prices, then split the fat payday with his men. Meanwhile, bandito Rojo (Aldo Sambrell, who appeared in Clint Eastwood’s Spaghetti Western collaborations with Sergio Leone) readies his 400 vaqueros to claim the cattle. And an enigmatic hired gunman named Traveler, Daylight’s right-hand man, grows uneasy over his boss’s deadly volatility. As Daylight and Traveler, stars Alex Nicol and jorge Mistral play characters forged in the Spaghetti Western mold one a man of greed and violence, the other a man of mystery and complexity. Borden Chase (Red River, Winchester ’73) is among the film’s writers.
Price: 18.49

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