Heist, The
There's a different kind of race going on at the track in San Diego, but you'd have to be on the inside to know about it. After serving four years, Neal Skinner is out of jail, but he's put time behind bars to good use- planning his revenge. It was Neal's partner in track security, Ebet Berens who framed him in an emerald smuggling deal. Ebet took Neal for everything he had-including his woman-and now Neal wants it back! His plan-- to holdup the track; get Berens put behind bars; and win back the love of the woman he lost-seems simple enough. But Berens knows Skinner is up to something; and Skinner knows Beren knows. Hot on both their trails is Leland, an angry cop who a figure there's something crooked going down. It's a brutal game of cross and double-cross, with $5 million, a car full of emeralds and the love of a beautiful woman at stake.
Price: 17.49

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