Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch!: The Complete Series
Meet Hair Bear, Square Bear and Bubi Bear, three of the hippest, savviest and silliest bears to ever crash a cave. And what a cave it is! It’s seemingly stone and straw décor is deceiving, for with the touch of a button, the whole place transforms into a swinging, scientific and super cool bachelor pad. The only drawback — it’s inside a zoo and zoo keeper Mr. Peevly is always on their case. At least he’s not always in their cage, however, and the bears can devote their time to escaping Wonderland Zoo for wild adventures in the outside world where trouble awaits. But what’s trouble from mad scientists, alien creatures, get-rich-quick con men and other tricksters when you’re a member of the Hair Bear Bunch? So get ready for some fun with a bear laugh or two, for the other delightful denizens of the zoo are usually ready to help (and sometimes hinder) the Bears in their madcap adventures.
Price: 28.39

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