Huddle (1932)
Ramon Novarro, who flashed a keen-edged blade in Scaramouche and drove a thundering chariot in Ben-Hur, carries a football in this rah-rah tale of an Italian-American steelworker who wins a scholarship to Yale. Tony Amatto tries to make good at the elite university, on the gridiron and off. But a teammate (future Spy Smasher Kane Richmond), the snobbish son of Tony’s boss, is determined that this upstart just isn’t Eli material. In an era when universities were opening their doors to the working class, Huddle celebrates teamwork and college spirit, fisticuffs and friendship, laughs and drama, pre-Code romance and thrilling football action (including that rivalry of rivalries, the big Harvard-Yale game). And yes, there’s even a scene at a table down at Mory’s!
Price: 14.49

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