Hunted, The (1948)
Laura Mead (played by celebrated ice-skating queen-turned-actress Belita) insists she didn't do the crime. But she did the time, swearing she would murder the incompetent attorney who represented her at her jewel-theft trial. Not long after her release from prison, the attorney’s gunned-down body is found. Laura flees. Tracking her is a detective Laura had also threatened with death: johnny Saxon (Preston Foster), who years back had arrested her for the jewel theft and who once loved - perhaps even still loves - her. The Hunted is one of three atmospheric forays into the noir netherworld that Belita made for Allied Artists/Monogram during the 1940's shadowy heyday of film noir. Jack Bernhard (Decoy, Blonde Ice) directs, and genre icon Charles McGraw (The Narrow Margin) has an uncredited role.
Price: 18.49

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