I've Got Your Number/Havana Widows
Bold. Brassy. Beautiful. And blonde! Joan Blondell added snap and sauce to every feature she appeared in, whether as a delectable leading lady or as a powerhouse character actress. In the first of this pair of pre-Code capers, Joan Blondell mixes it up with Pat O’Brien in I’ve Got Your Number as a telephonic twosome who use their wired wiles when they cross lines with some caustic crooks. While in the second outing, Joan plays another kind of ‘working gal’ altogether, an ex-hoofer working the grift down Cuba way with gal pal Glenda Farrell, posing as a pair of Havana Widows. Unfortunately, one of the ‘widows’ finds herself falling for the son of their sugar daddy – what’s a poor working girl to do?
Price: 15.59

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