I Was a Communist for the FBI
In the ’30s, Hollywood made a series of hard-boiled B movies filled with strong-jawed, steely-eyed G-men and vicious racketeers. In the ’50s, Hollywood revived the genre, keeping the stalwart federal agents but exchanging the racketeers for fanatical Commies. I Was a Communist for the FBI is an era-perfect example, with strong-jawed, steely-eyed Frank Lovejoy as Matt Cvetic, an FBI informant posing as a Red to the local Pittsburgh comrades and even to his own ashamed family. Luckily, his son’s pretty teacher is a Communist (yes, they’re everywhere) who’s having second thoughts, and Matt’s attempts to save her from the Party’s vengeance may be his ticket out of a double life and into cold light of Cold War heroism.
Price: 14.49

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