In the Mood
It’s 1944 and Americans are in the mood for something to take their minds off the challenges of World War II – something like a juicy sex scandal. At the same time, naive, 15-year-old Sonny Wisecarver (Patrick Dempsey) is in the mood for love with two attractive older women. And suddenly Sonny is grabbing headlines from Hitler in everybody’s Daily Bugle. Dempsey (Dr. Derek Shepherd of Grey's Anatomy) shows he was McDreamy from a very young age in this goofy, funny and wholly endearing comedy based on the true story of the teen who created a media frenzy as the Woo Woo Kid. Richly evocative of its era, In the Mood is also timeless in its big-hearted salute to romance in any era.
Price: 14.49

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