Incident (1949)
Knuckles Morgan is not the kind of goon you want to meet on a dark street after midnight. But that’s just what happens to law-abiding citizen Joe Downey. Mistaken for one of Knuckles’ gangland rivals, Joe is beaten and left for the cops to pick up. Afterward, Joe and his girlfriend begin a perilous hunt to find his look-alike - a hunt that crosses paths with a predatory blonde who has a penchant for stolen fur coats and a connection to murder. This gutsy, no-frills noir is directed by William “One-Shot" Beaudine, whose 371-credit (some say over 500-credit) career includes some of the Bowery Boys’ best features. Warren Douglas (Cry Vengeance) stars, and you might recognize Jane Frazee, who plays Joe’s girlfriend, as a frequent leading lady in Roy Rogers Westerns.
Price: 18.49

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