It All Came True
Killer Chips Maguire (Humphrey Bogart) is cooling his heels where the cops will never find him: a shabby boarding house run by two dear old ladies who cluck over Chips like devoted mother hens. When Chips finds out the biddies owe past taxes, he hits on a can’t-miss scheme. He talks his fellow boarders, zanies all, into turning the house into a Gay ’90s-themed nightclub! Fans who know the pre-stardom Bogart for his string of compelling performances as tightly coiled heavies in gangster sagas are in for a treat as Bogie unwinds with deadpan cracks in this appealing crime comedy. On hand to help make sure It All Came True are Ann Sheridan and character greats Zasu Pitts, Una O’Connor and Felix Bressart.
Price: 15.59

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