Joe McDoakes (63 SHORTS)
Meet the original Man Behind the Eight Ball, regularly put upon, ever frustrated, constantly aspiring, forever misfiring – and always the beloved butt of a cosmic joke. Joe McDoakes is the Everyman of Warner Bros.’ series of one-reelers about a guy whose approach to everyday challenges or self-improvement made moviegoers howl from 1942 to 1956 (written and directed by Richard Bare). He was splendidly played by George O’Hanlon, later immortalized as the voice of another iconic frustrated character (albeit centuries in the future): George Jetson. From first (So You Want to Give Up Smoking) through 3 Academy Award? nominees* (1947’s So You Want to Be in Pictures, 1948’s So You Want to Be on the Radio and 1949’s So You Think You’re Not Guilty) to last (So Your Wife Wants to Work), you can cheer Joe on – and he’ll cheer you for sure – in this Complete 6-Disc Collection of All 63 Theatrical Shorts.
Price: 47.79

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