Key Witness (1947)
Henpecked husband Milton Higby (John Beal) is a nice enough fellow, but he daydreams about his novelty inventions while at work, and never seems to get ahead. When his wife goes out of town, pal Larry (Jimmy Lloyd) seizes the chance to show Milton a good time, introducing him to the race track, and an attractive, appreciative Sally Guthrie (Helen Mowery). A few drinks too many one night, and poor Milton is in a spot… he wakes up in Sally’s apartment to find her dead, and the neighbors are pounding on the door. Milton flees for the open road, and when he comes across a dead body, decides to steal the man’s identity. Milton’s wife and Larry are determined to prove Milton’s innocence, but their continued investigations threaten his new life. This relatively unknown noir film is the definition of a “B” picture, with little-known actors, and efficient (though somewhat absurd) plotting. The twists and turns are break-neck, and fans of the genre will delight in this strange and wonderful example of the post-war film style where fate and chance are in the driver’s seat... but don’t blame us for the less-than-satisfactory ending! Newly remastered.
Price: 17.49

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