Kill or Cure (1962)
A dose of Brit humor for what ails you! Terry-Thomas leads a cast of British wits and wags in a zany whodunit set in a posh spa. He plays private eye J. Barker-Rynde, hired by a wealthy dowager to investigate mysterious goings-on at Green Glades, a health hotel. Posing as a guest, Barker-Rynde arrives at Green Glades and discovers his client has been fatally poisoned. In his zeal to find the culprit, our hero endures all manner of indignity, including panting through a group jog, shivering through an ice-water shower, gyrating upside down in a diabolical reducing machine and, perhaps most distressing of all, downing carrot juice instead of a pint of bitter. Is support is provided by Dennis Price (Kind Hearts and Coronets) as a suave physician and Lionel Jeffries (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) and Ronnie Barker (The Two Ronnies) as bumbling coppers.
Price: 11.95

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