King of the Wild Stallions (1959)
A $500 reward! That’s a lot of money for a lot of horse, a wild stallion everyone calls Lightning. Half the men in town have grabbed ropes, saddled their best horses and galloped out to the mesa in hopes of lassoing him. Make that half the men and – secretly – Bucky Morse, a mere shirt-tailed lad who doesn’t know about the reward. Assisted by his trusty dog, he hopes to gentle the horse and claim him as his own. How Bucky’s adventure overlaps a crooked cattleman’s scheme to grab land leased by the boy’s mother forms the heart of a matinee cowboy pic packed with folks who say “tarnation” and “varmint.” George Montgomery leads a cast that includes Jerry Hartleben as Bucky. It’s all pretty durn good fun!
Price: 14.49

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