Lady L
Actor-writer-director Peter Ustinov brings his eccentric comic genius to Romain Gary’s popular novel of rogues, anarchists and lovers in turn-of-the-century Europe. The result is a mad. Colourful extravaganza shaded with black...comedy. that is. Adding spice to her customary beauty and splendid presence, Sophia Loren sparkles in the role of Louise. A simple laundress in a Paris bordello who, through a series of wildly unpredictable twists and turns of plot, ends up as the feared, revered - and bogus - Lady Lendale. Paul Newman delivers a puckish performance as Armand, her anarchist lover, as deft with a bomb as he is with a kiss. The marvellous David Niven lends just the right touch of sadness to his portrayal of the charmingly roguish Lord Lendale. Filmed against a palette of picturesque backgrounds all across Europe, Lady L stands out as a comedy of unusual style to be sipped, savored and enjoyed like a fine wine.
Price: 18.49

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