Let Us Be Gay
Frumpy Kitty Brown is a devoted wife – until she discovers her husband has a sweetie on the side. So Kitty throws the bum out and heads for the beauty parlor. Three years later, now-glamorous Kitty accepts grande dame Bouccy Bouccicault’s invitation for the weekend. The plan: Bouccy’s granddaughter is being romanced by a very attractive older man. Couldn’t Kitty please win him away? Imagine Kitty’s surprise when the attractive older man turns out to be her ex-husband! Screen diva Norma Shearer plays Kitty, managing the ugly-duckling-to-swan transformation with style. But it’s Marie Dressler, playing Bouccy, who steals the show, knitting like Madame Defarge and quipping like Oscar Wilde.
Price: 14.49

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