Life According to Sam (2014) (HBO)
An official selection in the U.S. Documentary Competition at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, Life According to Sam explores the remarkable world of Sam Berns and the relentless pursuit of a treatment and cure by his parents (both doctors) to save their son from the fatal and extremely rare disease progeria, a progressive aging disorder. Directed by Sean and Andrea Fine (2013 Oscar® winners for Inocente), this incredibly moving film chronicles three years of the family’s inspiring efforts, which led to the first clinical drug trials and the discovery that progeria is linked to the human aging process. Without such a link, garnering support to research treatments for the mere 250 people on the planet with progeria would be far more difficult today. As Sam’s resilient parents race against the clock (average life expectancy for a person with progeria is 13 years) to find a cure, Sam embraces his circumstances with admirable courage. His family empowers him to enjoy his childhood as they seek what every family wants – to make the most of their time together. Following Sam’s triumphs and struggles as he philosophically plays the hand he has been dealt, Life According to Sam reveals the wisdom beyond his years.
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