Loopy De Loop: The Animated Series
Loopy De Loop is a French Canadian wolf with a mission- to change the bad image that people have of wolves and make them appreciated as warm and generous fellow creatures. Not an easy job, even for a loup as charming as Mssr. Loopy, and the poor fellow is usually rewarded with a terrified cry of "Help!" and a clout on his head. But hope springs eternal in the heart of this unsavage beast as he tries to undo wolf's big, bad image by rendering aid and assistance to the likes of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Little Bo Beep, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, D'Artagnan, Dr. Jekyll and more to injurious and hilarious results. All of Hanna-Barbera's original 48 theatrical animated shorts are contained in this complete collection, so get ready to cry, "Sacre-iliac!
Price: 24.95

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