Love Ins, The (1967)
Not even hippies were safe from the headline-scanning eyes of beloved B-movie producer Sam Katzman. When two San Francisco college students (James MacArthur, Swiss Family Robinson and Susan Oliver, The Disorderly Orderly) are expelled over the contents of their underground newspaper, they find an unlikely supporter in a philosophy professor (Richard Todd, Oscar® nominee for The Hasty Heart, 1949), who resigns his teaching post in protest and styles himself as the love children’s new “Messiah.” From Todd’s Timothy Leary-like endorsement of LSD to a zonked-out interview with talk show host Joe Pyne to Lost in Space’s Mark Goddard as a pusher to the most jaw-dropping production of “Alice in Wonderland” you’ve ever laid eyes on, this campy masterpiece will have you rolling on the floor… or rolling something else! Newly remastered.
Price: 17.49

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