Mad Dog Coll
John Davis Chandler (The Outlaw Josey Wales) stars as the young, brutal thug in this story of the notorious 1930s gangland killer, Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll. A cold, twisted youngster grows up in a brutal world, unable to express his feelings for a girl he is drawn to (Brooke Hayward, Six Degrees of Separation) and taking great pleasure in killing as he makes his way up in the rackets. As Coll's exploits make headlines across the country, everyone except his girlfriend, an ex-stripper named Clio (Kay Doubleday, TV's "The Asphalt Jungle"), fears the hoodlum who's been dubbed "Mad Dog." Hunted by both the police and the henchmen of rival gangster Dutch Schultz, Coll manages to pull off a series of harrowing escapes. Also stars Academy Award® nominees Telly Savalas (1962, Best Supporting Actor, Birdman of Alcatraz) and Vincent Gardenia (1973, Best Supporting Actor, Bang the Drum Slowly; 1987, Best Supporting Actor, Moonstruck), with Jerry Orbach (TV's "Law & Order"). Newly remastered.
Price: 17.49

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