Man from Atlantis: The Complete TV Movies Collection
Mysterious mer-man Mark Harris washed ashore on the nation's TVs in early '77 and quickly became a breakout hero. America fell hard for the Atlantean amnesiac, generating big ratings for the Man from Atlantis pilot movie and its three subsequent follow-up TV movies. Starring newcomer Patrick Duffy and overseen by Robert Justman (Adventures of Superman, Star Trek, Then Came Bronson, Probe/Search), the original TV movies easily swim between the parallel genres of Science Fiction and Super-Heroics, creating a fantasy that is still fun and fresh today. This 2 disc collection contains all 4 TV movies. Also stars Belinda Montgomery. PILOT(Newly remastered!): Mark Harris washes ashore, possessing strange sea-faring powers but no memories. The Death Scouts: Mark battles scuba diver abducting aliens. The Killer Spores: Intelligent spores from space possess Mark in a bid to return to the yawning galactic gulf. The Disappearances: Scientists all over the world are disappearing - including Mark's associate, Elizabeth.
Price: 24.95

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