Man To Man
Collegiate track star Mike Bolton (Phillips Holmes) has a secret – his father is a convicted killer! Eighteen years ago, Mike’s father John (Grant Mitchell) killed his brother’s murderer and went to prison. Ashamed of his convict father, Mike has hidden his heritage but when his fraternity finds out, Mike quits college in shame and returns to his hometown of Hardinsville. There he finds a job at the town bank, and fellow teller Emily (Lucille Powers) starts to take a shine to him. But Mike's father complicates things by getting an early parole while Emily's ex-boyfriend (Dwight Frye) starts to stir things up. After someone absconds with a hefty sum from Mike’s bank, father and son assume the worst about each other. But this terrible assumption soon leads to some surprising ends. This early Talkie’s many charms include the great Grant Mitchell and a terrific turn by under-appreciated character actor Dwight Frye (Dracula’s Renfield).
Price: 15.59

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