Marine Boy - Yr. 3
Marine Boy, the amazing aquatic hero of the “American anime” action classic, surfaces for a final volume of seafaring sci-fi adventures! This 3-Disc, 26-Episode collection rounds out Marine Boys excursions for the Ocean Patrol Marine Headquarters with a series of fantastic confrontations against fearsome foes, side by side with some fabulous friends. Thanks to the inventions of his father, Dr. Mariner, Marine Boy is super-scuba geared up and ready for the full fathom five fight - from his propeller shoes to his bulletproof wet suit, not to mention his boomerangs and oxy-gum! So take a swim with Marine Boy, his dolphin Splasher, mermaid gal pal Neptina, hero-worshipping little Clicli and the stalwart crew of supersub P-1 as they go up against evil electronic brains, a haunted island, ghost cruisers, mutant plankton swarms, militarized red dolphins and attacking icebergs. It’s just another day under the sea for Marine Boy, brave and free!
Price: 28.39

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